Consulting services offered cover a broad spectrum of technology based on experience and knowledge derived from diverse industries and work performed across the United States. Because I do not resell products or services, my sole focus is on seeking and recommending the best solution for you - the Customer. I have successfully delivered projects of various magnitudes across the United States - always on time and on/under budget utilizing Customer specified tools to manage the projects - from a simple Excel worksheet to MS Project to Kanban worksheet. Project Management for large scale websites to mobile apps to migrating systems for acute care hospital moves to simple expansion.


Simply put, it is more than the adaptation of the latest technology - it is a fundamental change (some like to call it 'Disruption' though, I believe that it does not have to be so) in the way an organization operates.  Successful organizations recognize emerging trends, evaluate feasibility (ROI) and if they decide to pursue a trend, make appropriate changes in processes (procurement, manufacturing, delivery, etc.) and when necessary, even their business model.  Businesses that don't take such an approach, seldom survive - remember Blockbuster and their failure to respond to the online media trend?  Remember Kodak?

DigITal Transformation is a prerequisite to IoT - the Internet of Things.  IoT is a DigITal Industrial Revolution in the making - an estimated 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020; everything from your watch, fridge, air conditioner, lawn mower, ceiling fan, water heater, glucose monitor, essentially, anything powered by electric current.


Taking into consideration your KPIs & audience insights and current business models/processes, I would collaborate with both, internal & external Customers to create and execute an end to end DigITal Transformation Strategy.  Engage with key stakeholders to seek their blessing, communicate the strategy to everyone possibly impacted by the DigITal Transformation, evaluate current human capital to determine who should be part of the transformation team, what training they may need or what new talent needs to be hired/outsourced.



Role of Branding in Digital Marketing - consistency and suitability of Digital assets based on channel.

What is/are the best Advertising option(s) for my business? 

How long should I be advertising online?

What makes a good Online Ad?  Careful with Native Ads!

What is Retargeting? 

What is Behavioral Targeting?


Does Print advertising work?

Call Tracking.



What Email Marketing Platform is the best? Frequency?


Do I need a Facebook Page or a Twitter account or..? How often should I post on my Social Media account?

Do I need a website if I already have a Facebook Page?

Reputation Management matters!


Invest in Mobile Apps or a Mobile Site?

Role of Data Analytics in Digital Marketing.


How often should I update my Website?  How much should I be paying to have my website updated/created?

Responsive v/s Mobile Design.

Is WordPress a good platform for my site or should I go with Wix or SquareSpace or have a custom html site?

How do I get a Domain Name?  The designers building my website says that they can register it for me.

Backup your website!


I want to start selling online/eCommerce but, do not know where to start.  Is there a way to connect my online ordering system (eCommerce) to my accounting system so that I don’t have to re-enter information on orders placed online?

Role of https


I have a contact manager, do I need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?


Perhaps, your business is not large enough yet to have a full-time IT Director or a Chief Digital/Technology Officer. Or, you need an objective evaluation of proposals or bids submitted to you by vendors. Or, you have a short-term opening while you are seeking the ideal candidate and need someone to step in the interim. Or, you have a full-time IT shop that has its plate full but, need expertise for a specific project implementation. I can help in all of those scenarios.


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